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Vaughan Williams

"...Mellow with a couple of tinkly, spakling G & Ts, I felt a surge of some indefinable emotion at the white coast, navy sea and yellow rapeseed fields of Sussex below; giving way to blossoms and tender beech leaves of Somerset and Devon as we sped down the M5.


Vaughan Williams is the man for this sort of mood - Maytime, sap rising, turquoise night skies. Whoa, woman.


The Lark Ascending, that summer hymn for violin and orchestra, the sublime Tallis Fantasia, and Greensleeves are enduring favourites. But enterprising ASV - in a crystalline recording - has also included on this disc two lesser-played works.


In the Fen Country and the Partita for Double String Orchestra are pastorally-inspired little masterpieces - a satisfying find. VW's critics may have called it cow-pat music. But I can think of many a visiting American cousin who'd be very glad to get this lot in the eye."