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The Warehouse

13 Theed Street




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Shrewsbury School in Studio 1

Sunday 3rd February, 19.30



"We are delighted to welcome the young musicians of Shrewbury School Music Department, with their truly inspirational Director of Music, John Moore. My son, Jake, has flourished in that very special environment, even to the point of chosing Music (and Maths) as his degree subject. Come along if you can, to enjoy an evening of fine music making."

                                               Ross Pople


Franz Schubert       SHEPHERD ON THE ROCK

                                   Sienna Holms - Voice, Dorit Hasselbertg - Clarinet, Allen Yu - Piano


Sir Edward Elgar    SERENADE FOR STRINGS (Allegro piacevole; Largetto; Allegretto)

                                  Shrewsbury School String Orchestra, Leonard Ma - Leader

                                   David Joyce - Conductor

                                   Violins:  Calvin Chan, Eric Cheng, Stephen Chancler, Jonathan Cheng,                

                                                  Michael Cheng, Seren Kell, Ken Lai, Ivan Lam, Jayne Robinson

                                   Violas:  Andrew Spicer, Cindy Lin, Daniel Orchard

                                   Cellos:  Awen Blandford, Kevin Jim, Marco Lee, Ross Orchard    


Sergei Prokofiev    OVERTURE ON HEBREW THEMES Op. 34        

                                   Dorit Hasselberg - Clarinet, Calvn Chan & Jonathan Cheng - Violin,

                                   Andrew Spicer - Viola, Awen Blandford - Cello, Galin Ganchev - Piano


Claude Debussy    'LA CATHEDRALE ENGLOUTIE...' Prelude No.10 from 1st Book of Preludes

Rachmaninoff       PRELUDE IN G sharp minor

                                   Galin Ganchev - Piano





Beethoven              TRIO FOR CLARINET, CELLO AND PIANO  (Allegro con brio; Adagio; Theme

                                   and Variations)                                                                              

                                  Jake Pople - Clarinet, Ross Pople - 'cello, John Moore - Piano


Bob Mintzer           QUARTET No.1 (Allegretto; Slowly; Allegro)

                                  Ken Ma - Soprano Saxophone, Dominic Craven - Alto Saxophone,

                                  William Dodson-Wells - Tenor Saxophone, Henry Kennedy - Baritone-Saxophone


Brahms                   TRIO IN A MINOR Op.114 (Allegro)

                                  Dorit Hasselberg - Clarinet, Awen Blandford - Cello, Allen Yu - Piano


Rimsky Korsakov QUINTET FOR PIANO AND WINDS in Bb major (Allegro con brio)

                                  Joshua Wong - Piano, Imogen Richardson - Flute, Henry Kennedy - Clarinet,

                                  Michael Kidd - Horn, Fiona Lau - Basson