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The Warehouse

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The perfect acoustic proportions of Studio 1 provides an unparalleled environment for solo and ensemble recordings, where the fidelity of sound is of premium importance.  It is equally suitable for all other recording techniques.


The control room is tie-lined to both Studio 1 and Studio 2, as well as the vocal / drum booths and it has 24 mic lines, two speaker lines, two video lines and two cue sends to each area. All connections are balanced and appear on a professional patch-bay.  High quality oxygen free cabling is used throughout the installation.


The control room is equipped with a Mackie 32 channel 8 bus desk (with Ultramix Automation) and Tascam DA series multi-track digital tape machines with full synchronisation facilities, thus offering the highest quality combination of state-of-the-art digital and analogue technology.


Digital out-board effects include Lexicon, Digitech and Alesis units, whilst analogue units are by DBX and Drawmer. The control room is equipped with a G3 Power Macintosh / Korg 1212 PCI audio card running Cubase Score VST, and thus offers full scoring facilities and up to 24 further tracks of synchronous Hard Disk audio record / playback with DSP.


MIDI equipment includes an Akai S3000XL stereo sampler (loaded with 32 mega-bytes of RAM, an EB16 effects board and ZIP drive), Yamaha CS1x virtual analogue control keyboard and MOTU MIDI Express XT interface. Microphones are by AKG and Sure, and monitoring and power-amps are by Yamaha and Harbeth. Two track DAT machines are Panasonic SV-3800s and CD-R burning is available for audio tracks / session data back up. All areas are fitted with RPG acoustic panelling.


For full technical specs please contact our bookings manager on +00 44 (0)20 7928 9251 or via email email 



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