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London Ear Festival a joint promotion by Uroboros Ensemble and Accademi San Felice

20th - 24th March 2013



London Ear Festival is a new international festival.


As well as presenting concerts of music by established, emerging and undiscovered composers, the festival will host a major international composers' competition, and offers opportunities for advanced young performers.


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21st March 2013   FLAME (Florence)



Fauston Romitelli (IT)                    Prima Domenica, Seconda Domenica, La Sabbia del Tempo

Luisa Valeria Carpignano (IT)      Disegni trasparenti (LEF commission)

Claudio Ambrosini (IT)                  De Vulgari Eloquentia

Jonathan Harvey (GB)                   The Riot

Salvatore Sciarrino (IT)                  Lo Spazio Inverso




Event highlights at The Warehouse include:

22nd March 2013   Sonar String Quartet (Berlin)



Georg Katzer (DE)                          4th Quartet

Helmut Zapf (DE)                           Blurred Edges - 9 Bagatelles

Michael Finnissy (GB)                   Civilisation (LEF commission)

Jonathan Harvey (GB)                   The Riot

Jon 0ivind Ness (NO)                    Charm




23rd March 2013   Uroboros Ensemble (London)



Johannes Hildebrandt (DE)          Drejeck (LEF commission)

Competition 1st Prize (?)               New Work

Competition 2nd Prize (?)              New Work

Andrea Cavallari (IT)                       Ordine e Disordine

Ruben Sverre Gjertsen (NO)         Miniatures III

James Clarke (GB)                         Echolalia

Robert David Rusconi (GB)           Continuum (LEF commission)


The concert will be preceeded by a Children's Performance, after a workshop project in association with a student composer from Trinity Laban Conservatoire.                          


24th March 2013   Ensemble Phoenix (Basel)



Hanspeter Kyburz (CH)                  Danse Aveugle

Franz Furrer-Munch (CH)               Skizzenbuch

Alexander Moosbrugger (AT)        Fonds, Schack, Basar

Gwyn Pritchard (GB)                       Wayang






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