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Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis; Partita for Double String Orchestra; Fantasia on 'Greensleeves';

In the Fen Country; The Lark Ascending

(ASV DCA 779)


Review by Larry Van de Sand


"Ross Pople has a knack of bringing out the judicious qualities of British music and does so again here in a concert of Vaughan Williams favorites. I wasn't particularly taken by his reading of the famous 'Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis' until I compared it to the even more famouse version by Andre Previn. I didn't think much of the 'Partita for Double String Orchestra' performed on this CD until I heard it the second time. When I listened to 'The Lark Ascending' the first time I heard only Hugh Bean playing."


"And on it went, with 'In The Fen Coutnry' being the only qualified success on first hearing. Then I listened again and compared to some of the other Vaughan Williams I owned and listened to recently. His Tallis Fantasia owns a quality Barbirolli never suggests. While not as bland and pliant as Previn's, it retains all the concentrated emotion of Barbirolli without the sense of abandonement. The 'Partita' is an exercise in restraint that comes off fine here. So does most everything, with only the warhorse 'Greensleeves' not measuring up to Boult and others."


" Yet that's no sweat for an album of this nature - a look inside both the soul and brain of England's greatest composer. Ross Pople has a discography heavy on English composers and you hear why in this recording. He is both at ease with the pastoral nature of English music and in sync with its itellectualism.


The recording's been around since 1993, another of Pople's many successes to match his disks of Elgar and the sinfonia concertantes of Haydn and Mozart."


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