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A driving passion

Music can be a driving passion and even a master of destiny.


In my case it has been without doubt my destiny.  New Zealand is particularly noted for its Rugby team, the All Blacks, but also it has nurtured a fine culture of musicians. Even my little city of Wanganui has produced a selection of musicians who have made a mark. Joan Havel, Gillian Weir, Colin Horsley and even this unlikely musician. From an engineering family I was offered a scholarship to come to England to study the ‘cello at the tender age of 16. I protested a good deal that it was just a passing passion and through the stages of development at The Royal Academy of Music and the Paris Conservatoire declared I would be returning to my roots to take up law. 50 years on the protest has faded and I can’t think of any regrets.


I remember with tenderness and pleasure my association with my teacher at the RAM, Muriel Taylor,  with Andre Navarra my teacher in Paris, with Yehudi Menuhin, the one abiding example above all others, Pierre Boulez, Maurice Gendron, Colin Davies, Witold Lutoslawski, Gennadi Rozsdesvensky, Malcolm Arnold, Edwin Roxburgh, Michael Freyhan, Eli Goren and all the myriad of musicians who I have worked with around the world. 30 years at the helm of London Festival Orchestra, recording and travelling and exploring repertoire of all periods to a standard which will carry the test of time.



Maurice Gendron Yehudi Menuhin Witold Lutoslawski

Ross Pople